Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Triptrotting and how does it work?

Triptrotting is a community of people interested in meeting up with like-minded new friends. You can travel to meet up with locals and get an out-of-the-box cultural experience or host travelers visiting your home city. Joining the community is quick and simple and you can see how “like-minded” you are with people in your community and abroad. Triptrotting is also a great resource for authentic travel advice straight from the locals. You can ask questions while planning your trip or during your trip and get personalized answers and reviews from those in our community who are relevant to you. We pride our system on a fun matching algorithm developed with the help of former Chief Scientist from eHarmony. We don’t need to find you your soul mate, but we’ll certainly find new friends for you to meet with from all corners of the world.

You can learn more about how Triptrotting works here

2. How did Triptrotting come about?

Triptrotting started by avid travelers, Aigerim Duiseneyeva and Shana Zheng, who hated being that clueless tourist. The idea of not only meeting locals, but like-minded locals grew from their personal experiences. See our story here

3. How is Triptrotting different from other hospitality exchange sites?

Triptrotting focuses on creating new friendships through meet ups where ever you go. You don’t have to offer up your home to meet new friends. From grabbing a quick meal to showing your new friends around town, you can meet up with other Triptrotters that you are actually interested in meeting. Of course, you are welcome to share your home if you are comfortable. You are matched to people with similar interests and personalities using our proprietary matching algorithm,. Did you ever wonder who you are most like-minded with from another corner of the world?

4. How are members matched?

Members, or Triptrotters, are matched based on our proprietary matching algorithm. Triptrotters are asked to complete fun, thought provoking questions about themselves ranging from interests, personalities, and views on various topics. You can see how similar or different you are with Triptrotters all over the world.

5. What are "Tip Requests"?

Some active Triptrotters may request a tip for additional services such as airport pick ups or allowing you to stay in their home, or other costs incurred by a host Triptrotter. Some hosts go out of their way to help make your experience amazing and fun so it’s a nice gesture to tip them. Many Triptrotters do not request a tip so a nice “thank you” when you leave is suggested. If a tip is requested, please use our system to transact the payment so you can be sure that there is a transaction trail. We do not recommend paying anyone in person, especially if you are meeting for the first time. Tips are refunded if you do not have a satisfactory experience after you meet up.

6. How do I join Triptrotting?

Join us! It’s easy. You can sign up the old fashion way or speed through the process to sign up by connecting with your Facebook account. Unverified membership is open to everyone. The most important step to get the most out of your experience is to get verified. Triptrotters who are verified will receive a verification badge and are more likely to be requested. We recommend meeting up with verified Triptrotters.

7. What is the verification process and how do I get verified?

You can be instantly verified by providing a valid email address from a recognized university or employer. You can also be instantly verified if you have a verification code provided by one of our partners. Otherwise, please request to be verified by our staff by providing us with more information about yourself. Please remember, the more information you provide to us, the quicker you can be verified. The information you provide us is for identification purposes only and secure to the community. Due to heavy volumes of verification requests, it may take up to 24 hours to be verified.

8. Is Triptrotting free to join?

a Yes of course! Come check out who you are compatible, old friends and new!

9. Is Triptrotting Safe?

We take your safety very seriously. Our goal is to provide every member with the transparency they need to make a sound decision on whom to meet when traveling or hosting. We do our best in verifying members and making it transparent what type of person you will be meeting. Ultimately, it is your decision and judgment. We suggest messaging with Triptrotters and getting to know him/her before you meet up. You can also see reviews and ratings from fellow Triptrotters as well.

10. How does the reviews and ratings process work?

Reviews and ratings are provided by Triptrotting members who have met up with each other. After the end of a meet up, both traveler and host are asked to rate and review each other. If there is tip requested, the tip will only be transferred to the host if a satisfactory review is submitted within the provided time frame.

11. What happens to the “tip” if I am unsatisfied with my host?

If a tip is requested by a host, as the word “tips’ suggests, it’s for a positive experience. The tip will be collected by Triptrotting ahead of the meet up and upon a satisfactory rating, the tip will be transferred to the host. Otherwise, the tip will be refunded.

12. How do I deactivate my account?

Please contact us directly to deactivate your account.

13. What are the differences between Ambassadors, Active Ambassadors, and Super Ambassadors?

These are the different types of Triptrotters available to host. Super ambassadors are those who are extremely interested in meeting up with like-minded locals. They are also the most active Triptrotters in the community. Active ambassadors are those who are interested and have the time to meet up with travelers. Ambassadors are those who may not have as much time to meet up but are still interested in helping others in the community. These are indicators for travelers who can determine what “type” of Triptrotter to meet in terms of time and commitment.

14. How much tip should I request if I want to be a host?

You can decide what amount of tip you’d like to request. The idea of tipping is so that hosts can pay for some of their services. Some hosts are able to meet up for free, while others may have other costs if providing more services such as airport pick-ups, offering their home to stay, driving visitors around their city, etc. Tips are only transferred if the service is positive after a rating process.

15. Why can’t I pay the host when we meet?

We do not encourage transacting money with someone you are meeting for the first time. Allowing Triptrotting to handle tip transactions will not only allow a money trail in case of dispute, it will also ensure that a host fulfills his/her commitment. A tip will not be transferred to the host if you did not receive a good experience.

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