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Regional Advisors | Triptrotting
Regional Advisors

Regional Advisors


Milan, Italy (Western Europe)

Anna was born in the very south of Italy and despite she's proud of her origins, she couldn't wait to be 18 to start discovering the world. She studied near Venice Public Relations and in France she graduated in International Humanitarian Law. Since then, she fell in love with journalism, especially with war journalism, reason why she's a completely untypical travel as for the choice of uncommon destinations. Traveling has always been her first passion, and she has been lucky enough to transform this passion in her job working previously for the travel search enigine Movolo and now as adviser at Triptrotting. Anna's favourite quote is: Travelers never think that they are the foreigners by Mason Cooley.


Sofia, Bulgaria (Eastern Europe)

Born and raised in the old city centre of Sofia, Bulgaria. A Bachelor in IR and an LL.M. in EU Law by education, a dreamer by vocation. He has worked as an office coordinator, international news reporter, freelance translator and business consultant. One of the organizers of the Free Sofia Tour – the free English-language sightseeing walking tour of Bulgaria’s capital. His hobbies include his extensive collection of quotations but he also enjoys very much swimming, tennis, skiing and even started doing some yoga recently.


Hangzhou, China (Mainland China)

While she seems to change her mind daily about her passions and career goals, there is one thing she will never change her mind about: she loves traveling! Born and raised just north of San Francisco, CA, she has competed in every sport from softball to surfing, celebrated her last four New Year’s on four different continents, and recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in international business.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Southeast Asia)

Elma was born and raised in the Philippines and after graduating from university in there with major in business management, she started a career in fashion clothing industry. 24 years in the industry have given her the chance to travel both on business and holiday trips. She has been to 28 countries and lived and worked as an expatriate in Bangladesh , Hong Kong , Srilanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia. She is an active ambassador and entrepreneur with loving husband, no kids and 8 dogs and 6 cats.


New York City, United States (Mainland China and Northern Asia)

Born and raised in Taiwan, Eric moved to the U.S. when he was 10. Since then, Eric has been studying abroad and traveling as a global triptrotter (Taiwan, U.S., and Singapore). He has been to over 15 countries including Canada, Bahamas, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, and 2 S.A.R. (Hong Kong and Macau). With an emphasis in international business from University of Southern California (USC), Eric works in a procurement company in the hospitality industry at ISC in New York. Eric loves traveling, watching food tasting shows, and reading about global news in both travel and hospitality industries.


Philadelphia, United States (North America)

Simone was born and raised in New York City. She attends The University of Pennsylvania where she's a French Studies major and an Ancient History minor. Being from a very mixed family (her parents are Panamanian, Cameroonian, Jamaican, Irish, French, and German) she loves to be immersed into different cultures especially when it comes to trying new foods! She also adores plane rides, particularly take-offs, and would love to one day travel around the continent of Africa. 

Augusto Chialvo

Buenos Aires, Argentina (North America)

Born and raised in a town of 4000 people in Cordoba, Argentina, Augusto later moved to Buenos Aires where he studied to be a chef and ran a macrobiotic food delivery business, something practically unheard of in a city that.s so beef-centric. He loves to explore new cultures through food and in 2002 moved to Mexico for 2 years, traveling to different towns meeting local chefs and discovering new flavors. Augusto moved back to Buenos Aires in 2004 after a brief 3 month detour to Switzerland where he traded medialunas for rö. When he.s not leading nightlife and adventure tours with his event company he plays classic guitar and experiments in the kitchen.

Eddie Tinoco

Las Vegas, United States (North America)

Born and partially raised in the heart of Morelia, Michoacan Mexico, Eddie moved to the U.S at a young age with 3 siblings and a mother ready to grasp opportunity wherever and whenever. He grew his passion for entrepreneurship through her and also learned to love the art of traveling. His family eventually landed in Las Vegas after living in various cities across the US and Mexico.

Eddie later got admitted to University of Southern California in the area of International Relations and Global Business. He decided for himself that whatever he did, it was going to be global! During his time at USC he traveled to various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, and China. After graduating in 2008 Eddie also studied at Peking University in Beijing for a semester while making his next move in career. Now, Eddie works for a computer company, Apple Inc, and feels like the sky is the limit.

Mike Nam

Los Angeles, United States

Traveling has always been a big part of Mike.s life. Growing up, he was fortunate enough to travel frequently with his parents and indulge in many memorable moments. Being born and raised in Pennsylvania, and absolutely loving Philly Cheesesteaks . it was time to branch off and start his career in Los Angeles. Currently, Mike works at OMD where he does media planning and buying for the carmaker Infiniti.s US ad campaigns. He has high interest in entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and markets, environmentalism and cars. Aside from the work life, Mike loves anything that has to do with being outside and music. Snowboarding, golf, lacrosse, beaches, food, live concerts and just getting into rock climbing and hiking. Mike has a learner.s heart and is always eager to explore new places, as well as fields of interest.

Anne Gillman

Taichung, Taiwan

Originally from San Diego, California, beach-loving Anne was bit by the ferocious travel bug when she was just nine months old on her first trip overseas. Since then she has traveled to four different continents and spent the last two years living abroad. Anne graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Political Science and minor in Business Administration. In 2011, Anne Gillman joined Hamilton Advisors Limited, a boutique strategic communications firm in Hong Kong, through the Princeton in Asia fellowship program. Before that she's had a range of international experiences - internships at the David Harilela Group in Hong Kong and at the Livesey Solar Practice Builders in London, studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, and most recently as a teacher at the Tunghai University Affiliated High School in Taichung, Taiwan. The stand out experiences she's been led to along the way are always with TripTrotters - a weekend camping trip to Green Island, Taiwan, watching a Hungarian opera in Budapest, and squid fishing in Hong Kong.

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